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Living Family Members

Here you will find a partial list of Living Family Members, decendants of Dudley and Esther, in-laws, etc... No information other than a list of names will be provided here in order to protect personal privacy. If you are a living relative of the Templon family and would like to be added to this list OR removed from this list, please e-mail me with your request.

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Alexander, Jeremy Michael
Bair, Mary Louise
Battisti, Yvonne
Bayle, Angela
Bayle, Bill
Bayle, Billy
Bayle, Bob
Bayle, Dori
Bayle, G. Jean
Bayle, Georgiana
Bayle, James Thomas
Bayle, Jim
Bayle, Kenny
Bayle, Larry
Bayle, Peggy
Bayle, Sandy
Bayle, Sharon
Bayle, William R..
Biordi, Chris
Bodnar, Mark A.
Bodnar, Samantha Evelyn
Brown, Beatrice
Carter, Richard Kenneth
Chiradon, Barbara
Claytor, Jr. Carl Leon
Claytor, Carl Leon
Claytor, Connie Sue
Claytor, Laura Beth
Claytor, Scott Anthony
Clossin, Peggy
Cochran, Chris Winston
Cochran, Jennifer Ashley
Cochran, Megan Elizabeth
Cochran, Patrick O’neill
Codrick, Alyssa Ann
Codrick, Joseph Scott
Codrick, Ryan Marshall
Crawford, Kimberly
Cubbage, Blanche Elizabeth
Deyarmin, Tina Sue
Diettrick, John Harry
Diettrick, John Harry
Diettrick, Judy Kay
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, Jessica Susan
Ellis, Wayne Allen
Felton, Carole Ann
Filer, Betsy Jo
Fiore, Michelle Ann
Flegal, Robert Leroy
Florina, Gloria
Fraundorfer, Patricia
Gardner, Cassandra
Gardner, Kaitlyn
Heller Lutz, Julia Ann
Hollis, John F. 
Huffman, David William
Huffman, James Glenn
Huffman, Robert Anthony (Andy)
Huffman, William Harold (Dee)
Jackson, Alysa
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Stephen 
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Tommy
Kemper, Inge
Kershner, Brian
Kershner, Carolyn
Kite, Ann Michelle
Kite, James P. (Jim)
Kite, Temple
Kretzer, Ashley Nicole
Kretzer, Brian A.
Kretzer, Brittany Irene
Kretzer, Karen Irene
Kretzer, Kelsey Renee
Kretzer, William Edward
Lego, Chad
Lego, Debbie
Lego, Deborah J.
Lego, James M.
Lego, Jeff
Lego, Jeffrey K.
Lego, Judy A.
Lego, Mike
Lego, Ralph M.
Lego, Stan
Lego, Tara
Lolos, Christis Philip
Lolos, Lana Christine
Lolos, Philip Alexander
Lolos, Philip C.
Lutz, Cheryl Ann
McKenzie, James
McKenzie, Lea Carter
Murray, Dakota J.
Murray, Jeanne
Murray, Lee Loni (Loni)
Murray, Lisa
Murray, Michelle
Murray, Melvin J. (Red)
Olchewsky, David
Olchewsky, Joseph
Olchewsky, Lisa
Perrott, Eva Jean
Piper, Amy
Potter, David E.
Potter, David Forrest
Potter, Ginger Louise
Potter, Jacob Robert
Potter, Matthew David
Potter, Sherri Elaine
Potter, Tyler James
Printz, Thelma Mae
Rexroad, James
Rexroad, Mike
Rexroad, Roy
Rinaca, Roy
Rutherford, Charles Frederic
Rutherford, Holy Amber
Rutherford, Nicole Justine
Sheffler, Dustin
Sheffler, Keith
Sheffler, Katie Elizabeth
Singer, Kyle
Singer, Paul
Small, Milbrey Jean
Smith, Joyce A.
Smith, Linda
Snyder, Linda
Spurrier, III, Grant Brent
Spurrier, Jr., Andrew Roy
Spurrier, Jr., Grant Brent
Straub, Linda Colleen McCarty
Templon, Adrienne Marie
Templon, Aimee
Templon, Alfreda Madeline
Templon, Andrew James
Templon, Anthony Roy
Templon, April Sue
Templon, Ashley
Templon, Beth
Templon, Beth Ann (Buffie)
Templon, Betty Lou
Templon, Beverly
Templon, Bonnie
Templon, Carole Jean
Templon, Charles Eddue
Templon, Charles Joseph (Joe)
Templon, Chase
Templon, Christopher Andrew (Chris)
Templon, Cindy
Templon, Cynthia Louise
Templon, Doris Ann
Templon, Dorothy Ellen
Templon, Francis Leroy (Rocky)
Templon, Gary
Templon, George Lee
Templon, George Scott (Scottie)
Templon, Harold James
Templon, James (Jimmy)
Templon, James Francis
Templon, Jamie
Templon, Janice Ann
Templon, Janice Kaye
Templon, Jason
Templon, Jean
Templon, Jeanne
Templon, Jeffrey Alan
Templon, Joel Bryan
Templon, John Anthony
Templon, John Franklin (Billy)
Templon, John Henry
Templon, John Robert
Templon, Judith Ann (Judy)
Templon, Julia May
Templon, Julie
Templon, June
Templon, Kathryn Irene
Templon, Kevin 
Templon, Lisa
Templon, Lori
Templon, Marcia Ann
Templon, Marianne Marie
Templon, Mark Allen
Templon, Mary Jane
Templon, Mary Joanne
Templon, Matt
Templon, Matthew 
Templon, Matthew David
Templon, Megan Elizabeth
Templon, Melvin Phillip
Templon, Michael Paul
Templon, Nathan
Templon, Nickie
Templon, Patricia
Templon, Patricia Ann
Templon, Paul Edward
Templon, Paula Faye
Templon, Phyllis Vivian
Templon, Ray William (Bill)
Templon, Rebecca Ann
Templon, Richard Matthew (Dick)
Templon, Jr., Richard Matthew
Templon, Robert (Robbie)
Templon, Robert  J. 
Templon, Robert Wayne
Templon, Robin
Templon, Rodney David
Templon, Roger Logan,
Templon, Roxanne
Templon, Scott
Templon, Shawn Colleen
Templon, Shirley Jane
Templon, Steven Louis
Templon, Taylor Ann
Templon, Timothy Robin
Templon, Timothy Todd
Templon, Valerie Gwynne
Templon, Victoria
Templon, Wayne Ashby
Templon, William Scott
Unger, David
Unger, Kyle David
Unger, Matthew Brian
Van Hall, Patricia Stewart
Waller, Carl Tanner
Waller, Curtis
Waller, Kristian A.
Walters, Victoria Lynn (Vickie)
White, Rebecca Jo
Wonders, Irvin Austin
Wonders, Peter Austin
Wonders, Suzanne Charlotte
Zufall, Nancy
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